1898 Guimpe Blouse - 36 Inch Bust

1898 Guimpe Blouse - 36 Inch Bust

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Sized to fit a 36 Inch Bust - This reproduction sewing pattern as transcribed from the original pattern:

 "Ladies Guimpe with high or open neck, and either of two styles of one-seam sleeve in full or shorter length.  The Leg O’ Mutton sleeve being desirable for tucked material, lace, etc."

A "Guimpe" is a garment ment to be worn under a jumper or pinafore to give the impression of a blouse.  The body of a Guimpe is usually made of a plain cotton or other neutral fabric, while the sleeves, neckline and other features that are actually seen are made of lace or other more expensive fabric. 


The source material from which these early patterns are replicated from contain much less information than the more modern patterns from the 1920's and 1930's.  

Patterns and fashion journals published during these eras presumed that the home seamstress possessed sufficient skills to construct a garment without detailed directions.   

 As a result patterns for facings, linings and other details - such as instructions on how to create trims, are sketchy at best -- and usually non-existent. Most of the time sizes and yardage information is also unavailable.

In order to make these early patterns easier to use, we have dropped in grain lines, seam allowances, and clarified markings on the patterns as much as possible.  Included with each of the patterns are any and all text and instructions that were available in the original source material. 

Be aware that all of these patterns run small compared to our modern bodies, and were drafted with the understanding that "proper" undergarments/and corsets would be worn underneath.  Armholes especially tend to be much tighter and smaller than modern garments.

It is very important when sewing these items to make a fitting mock-up of the pattern out of muslin or other waste fabric, and make all of the adjustments for your individual figure on the mock-up.

SUGGESTED MATERIALS: Linen, Cotton, Silk, Crepe, Pique, Lawn

Materials Requires For Size Shown:             
For Body -  36 Inch Wide Material                                             1-1/8 Yard
For Sleeve, Collar and Facings  -  36 Inch Wide Material        1-1/4 Yard   
OR - 18 Inch Wide Lace For Above                                                 2 Yards
OPTIONAL TRIMS               
Insertion            7-1/2 Yards
Narrow Edging          1 Yard
Wide Edging          1 Yard
Buttons And Other Fasteners               
NOTE:                If tucking is desired, additional material is required        
                         purchase extra yardage based on depth of tucks desired.               

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